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57th TOPIK Examination Information

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  • 2017-12-27 11:37:47
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57회 한국어 능력시험 접수안내
57th TOPIK Examination Information

  • Date: 15 April 2018 (Sunday)
  • Venue: Singapore Korean International School
  • Address: 71  Bukit Tinggi Road, Singapore 289759
  • Contact Number: 6741-0778
  • Email:
Online registration 22 to 31 January 2018
Payment 22 to 31 January 2018
Printing of Registration Form 5 February 2018 onwards
TOPIK Exam Date 15 April 2018
Date of Release of Test Results 24 May 2018
You will need to bring on the actual exam day:
1) Either one of the following: Identification Card, Passport or Driver’s License
2) A copy of your application form
Please log into your account at to print out your application form.
*Showing of softcopy application form on electronic devices will not be accepted.
Examination Timetable
  Item Have to Reach the Test Room by Exam Start Time Exam End Time Duration
TOPIK I Listening/Reading 8:40 9:10 10:50 100 minutes
TOPIK II Listening/Writing 11:50 12:20 14:10 110 minutes
Reading 14:30 14:40 15:50 70 minutes
*Please be punctual. Once the examination starts at 08:40 and 11:50, applicants will not be allowed to enter the school and take the exam.
Grading Criteria
TOPIK I: Total score of 200 TOPIK II: Total score of 300
Above 80 marks: Grade 1 Above 120 marks: Grade 3
Above 140 marks: Grade 2 Above 150 marks: Grade 4
  Above 190 marks: Grade 5
  Above 230 marks: Grade 6
TOPIK I and II is identified by the application number.
TOPIK I starts with a 7; e.g. 019017000XXX
TOPIK II starts with an 8; e.g. 019018000XXX
Registration period: 22 to 31 January 2018, 5pm

1. Log in and join membership as Visitor only at from 22 January 2018 onwards.

2. Under TOPIK – Registration, apply for the 57th TOPIK I and/or TOPIK II.  Please use your FULL NAME (name on passport) when you register. The name registered will be reflected on the TOPIK certificate.

3. Please provide a complete Singapore address for the mailing of the TOPIK results. 

4. Attach your passport-size photo (354*472 pixels, JPEG file). This photo will be reflected on the TOPIK certificate. 

5. Upload both sides of your Identification Card or Passport or Driving License (JPG file).Student pass is allowed if the applicant is a Singapore Citizen or Permanent Resident under the age of 16 years and has not received their Identification Card.

6. Make payment of the following amount through the following methods:
   TOPIK I: $72

   TOPIK II: $80
   - There are strictly no refunds for TOPIK test fee. (E.g. Cannot make it for test day)
ATM transfer and cash deposit payment is not allowed. This payment method does not indicate     
     your name and we are unable to verify your payment.

   Payment methods:   
a. Internet banking
       i. Bank Name: OCBC
         Account Name: SKIS LTD
         Account No: 626-004204-001
         Swift Code: OCBCSGSG
         Bank Code: 7339
         Branch Code: 626
       ii. Please indicate your full name when you do the transfer, so that the payment can be verified                 and the registration can be confirmed. 
    b. Nets/Nets Flashpay
       i. Pay at Singapore Korean International School Admin Office
         Address: 71 Bukit Tinggi Road Singapore 289759
       ii. Opening Hours:
          Monday to Friday: 8:30am to 4:30pm
          Saturday: 9:00am to 1:00pm
     c. Cheque
        i. Payable to: SKIS LTD
        ii. Mail to: Singapore Korean International School
                      71 Bukit Tinggi Road Singapore 289759
           - Please indicate on the cheque that it is for the 57th TOPIK examination
  • Registration will end on 31 January 2018 at 5:00pm.
  • There will be no extension of the registration deadline.
        All the following information has to reach the Singapore Korean International School by
        31 January 2018, 5pm.
        1. Complete registration at
        2. Complete payment (Internet banking, Nets/ Nets Flashpay, Cheque)
Printing of Registration Form (from 5 February 2018 onwards)
Applicants’ registration number will be released from 5 February 2018 onwards. Please log in to and print out your completed application form.
Test Results Release (24 May 2018)
Online Results
Release Date: 24 May 2018, Thursday 3pm
Online results are only available at from 3pm onwards.
Please log in using your application number (019017000XXX, 019018000XXX).
Hardcopy Result Slips:
TOPIK Center Korea will mail the hardcopy result slips to the Singapore Korean International School after the results are released online, which might take a few weeks to reach.
Singapore Korean International School will mail out the result slips to each individual applicant after receiving it.  We regret to inform that mailing of the hardcopy result slips is only available for local addresses in Singapore.
For applicants with overseas mailing address, you can collect your result slip directly at the Singapore Korean International School.
Shuttle Bus Schedule
Although there are carpark slots in the school compound, applicants are encouraged to take the shuttle bus.
The shuttle bus will be to and from Opp. the Nexus Bus Stop (42039) to SKIS.

TOPIK Center does not allow any pens or pencils, so you MUST use the marker from the  TOPIK Center.
Otherwise, the machine will not recognize your answer sheet if you use your own pen or pencil.
We will give them out to all of the applicants on the actual test day in the examination hall.
The marker has two sides – the broad pen side and the fine pen side.
You can use the broad pen for shading and fine pen for writing.
Correction tape will also be given out by the examination inspectors during the exam.
Food & Drinks:
Please bring your own food if you wish to as the school canteen will not be open on the day of the TOPIK examination.
As for drinks, there is a drink vending machine in the school, but you may also bring your own drinks if you wish to.
Please be punctual and remember to print out and bring your application form together with your IC or passport or Driver’s License on the actual examination day.

Thank you.