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제목 [M&H] Research Project
작성자 skiskrwp
카테고리 사무국
[M&H] Research Project
The Research Project commenced on 8 March 2019 and concluded with the students' Final Presentation Performance on 21 June 2019. This year, for the first time, the Research Project was conducted during curriculum time.

It was an intellectually demanding exercise for the students as they had to meet deadlines for submissions literally every week.

The Project's aim is to stimulate students' interest in a particular topic and to provide them with the liberty to explore the topic of their choice in greater detail. They were judged based on their ability to conduct in-depth research and to present this information concisely.

There were 10 research groups in total and their research topics were as follows:

Medicine- The components of edible medicines and the factors that affect their assimilation into the body

Politics- The changing relationship between North Korea and USA

History- Historical relationship between Korea and China

Cultural Studies- Cultural differences between North Korea and South Korea

Science 1- Genetic Technology

Science 2- Artifical Intelligence

Social Science 1- Big Data Analytics

Social Science 2- The importance of Nature versus Nurture in the creation of a successful Korean education system

Media 1- Biased perspective of media

Media 2- How do violent and sexual media affect youth?