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작성자 skiskrwp
작성일자 2019-11-07
Announcement of the bidding contract for instructors for the Singapore Korean International School’s Orchestra

싱가포르한국국제학교 오케스트라 강사 운영 계약 입찰 공고

1. Outline of Bidding 입찰에 부치는 사항

  1. Bidding Name and Opening of Bidding 건명 및 개찰일시

Service NameThe employment of instructors for Singapore Korean International School Orchestra for the academic year 2019 through a third-party company
Service DetailsRefer to Work Instruction Sheet
Basic price

(GST Included)

- Chief instructor : $96.3 per hour × 3 hours of lessons per week × 31 weeks × 1 person

- General instructor : $80.25 per hour × 3 hours of lessons per week × 31 weeks × 7 Person

※ Can be changed according to the number of days of classes
Conditions of deciding the successful bidderScreening through contract bidding
Submission period and place of bid27 Feb 2019 10am to 6 Mar 2019 10am (SKIS Admin Office)

※ Application by post or FAX is not allowed. If a proxy is submitting the application, a copy of the proxy's identification card as well as a proof of employment and a power of attorney (POA) should be submitted as well. If the necessary documents are incomplete, the application will not be accepted.
Contract Implementation Period20 Mar 2019 to 28 Feb 2020

※ Can be changed according to the school's circumstances
Evaluation and Company Selection6 Mar 2019 11am onwards, SKIS Admin Office

2. Bidding Method 입찰 방법

  1. This Bidding type is Bid for qualifying examination. However, the qualification examination differs from the Korean regulations only partially.

본 입찰은 적격심사낙찰제입니다. 다만, 적격심사는 한국 규정과 달라 일부만 적용합니다.

  1. This Bidding is a bidding system based in an area limited to Singapore.

본 입찰은 싱가포르에 위치한 업체만 참가할 수 있습니다.

3. Bidding Participation Qualifications 입찰 참가 자격

  1. The instructors must possess the necessary qualifications for teaching the musical instruments requested by the school and their HQ must be in Singapore

본교가 요청하는 악기를 가르칠 수 있는 자격이 있는 강사를 보유하고 있어야 하며, 본사는 싱가포르에 위치해야 합니다.

※ The registered date of the business must be earlier than this advertisement and must be valid until the date of the contract.

업체의 등록일은 공고일 보다 먼저 되어 있어야 하며 계약일까지 유효해야 합니다.

4. On-site Orientation 현장 설명

  1. There is no on-site orientation. Therefore bidder have to check attached document( Specification). If bidders have question, please contact to Singapore Korean International School Admin Office Finance Team.

별도의 현장설명은 없으며, 별첨서류(과업지시서 등)를 반드시 확인하시고, 문의사항이 있으면 싱가포르한국국제학교 사무국 재정팀으로 연락 후 참여하시기 바랍니다.

5. Submission of Bidding Participation Paper 입참참가서류 제출에 관한 사항

  1. Submit Paper : Bid Application Form, Memorandum of Bidding Deposit Payment, Bizfile

제출서류 : 입찰서, 입찰보증금지급각서, 사업자등록증

  1. Bidding submission period : 27 Feb 2019 10:00 ~ 6 Mar 2019 10:00

입찰서 제출 기간 : 2019. 2. 27. 10:00 ~ 2019. 3. 6. 10:00

  1. Bidding submission Place : Singapore Korean International School Admin Office

입찰서 제출 장소 : 싱가포르한국국제학교 사무국

※ The submitted Bidding Paper cannot be modified or cancelled.

제출된 입찰서류는 수정하거나 취소할 수 없습니다.

※ Before submitting Bidding Patricipation Paper, the company has to visit school and check the statement of paper.

입찰참가서류를 제출하기 전에 학교를 방문하여 서류 확인을 받으십시오.

6. Invalidity of Bidding 입찰 무효

  1. Bidding Paper submitted by businesses that do not fit the criteria will not be taken into account.

제출한 입찰서류가 기준에 맞지 않으면 접수하지 않습니다.

8. Determine of successful bidder 평가 및 업체선정

  1. The school’s selection committee will evaluate and select qualified companies and determine the successful bidder from among these companies.

본교 선정위원회에서 적격업체를 평가·선정하여 낙찰자를 결정합니다

  1. Date : 6 Mar 2019 11:00

일시 : 2019. 3. 6. 11:00

  1. Place : Singapore Korean International School Admin Office

장소 : 싱가포르한국국제학교 사무국

9. 입찰보증금 납부 및 귀속 Bid Deposit Payment

  1. Bid Deposit Payment replace Memorandum of Bidding Deposit Payment

입찰보증금 납부는 입찰보증금지급각서로 대체합니다.

  1. If successful bidder do not contract within 10 day from openning bidding day, The successful bidder have to pay bid deposit that is 5/100 of bid amount.

낙찰자가 낙찰일로부터 10일 이내 계약을 체결하지 아니한 경우에는 낙찰자는 낙찰금액의 5/100에 해당하는 입찰보증금을 납부해야 합니다.

10. Permission of Bidding Documents 입찰 유의사항

  1. The associator who is attending the bidding must refer to and read thoroughly the bidding resolution [laws associated with bidding (E.g. The law that are made for contract when the Nation is associated with the contract), this advertisement, special contract conditions etc]. The school shall not be held responsible should the bidder did not read or understand the bidding resolution carefully.

입찰에 참여하는 관계자는 사전에 입찰 규정을 철저하게 숙지하고 참여하시가 바랍니다. 학교는 입찰자가 주의깊게 숙지하지 않은 것에 대하여 책임지지 않습니다.

11. Others 기타

  1. For further questions, please contact the Admin Office (+65-6741-0778).

질의가 있으면 사무국으로 연락주세요.

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