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1. Outline of Bidding

  1. Bidding Name and Opening of Bidding

Bidding NameBidding Submission PeriodOpening of Bidding DateBasic Price

(GST Included)
purchase of 5 products including electronic boards26 Jul 2018 09:00


2 Aug 2018 09:00
2 Aug 2018 10:00S$174,175

  1. Opening of Bidding Place : Singapore Korean International School Admin Office

  2. Quantity : 24 Electronic Boards(Include Installation Supplementary Material), 13 Display(Include Installation Supplementary Material), 37 Desktop Computers, 37 Monitors, 12 Visualizer

  3. Ordering Organization (Location) : Singapore Korean International School (71 Bukit Tinggi Road, Singapore 289759)

  4. Delivery Deadline : 30 days from Contract Date

  5. Cost : GST is included in the cost.

2. Bidding Method

  1. This bidding type is a total amount bidding and a qualification examination bidding system. However, the qualification examination differs from the Koreana regulations and only partially applies.

  2. This bidding is open only to companies located in Singapore.

  3. In this bid, there are multiple preliminary prices.

3. Bidding Participation Qualifications

  1. Businesses have to be registered with ACRA and their HQ must be located in Singapore.

※ The registered date of the business must be earlier than the announcement day and must be valid until the date of the contract.

4. Explanation of Product

  1. There is no actual item description. Please check the attached documents (Task Order Sheet, Specification). If there are any questions, please contact the Finance Team of Singapore Korean International School.

  2. If there is any disagreement about the product specifications upon delivery, bidders must comply with the opinions of SKIS.

In the event of unspecified product standards, the responsibility will fall on the bidder.

5. Submission of Bidding Participation Paper

  1. Required Documents: Bid Application Form, Memorandum of Bidding Deposit Payment, Business License

  2. Bidding submission period : 26 Jul 2018 09:00 ~ 2 Aug 2018 09:00

  3. Bidding submission place : Singapore Korean International School Admin Office

※ The submitted bidding documents cannot be modified or terminated.

※ Please visit the school and confirm the documents before submitting the bidding documents.

6. Invalidity of Bidding

  1. If the submitted bidding documents do not fit the criteria, they will not be accepted.

7. Opening of Bidding

  1. Date of Bidding Opening : 2 Aug 2018 10:00

  2. Place of Bidding Opening : Singapore Korean International School Admin Office

8. How to determine successful bidder

  1. Planned price is determined by the four calculation averages from among the 15 preliminary prices created within the range of ± 3% of the base amount.

  2. The bidder decides the lowest bidder among the bidders below the planned price.

  3. Companies with less than 80.495% of the winning bid (bid price / planned price) will be excluded without notice. (Applies only to this part of the qualification examination)

  4. In case of two or more bidders for the same price, it shall comply with Article 47 of the Enforcement Decree of the Act on Contracts for the State of the Republic of Korea.

9. Bid Deposit Payment

  1. The Bid Deposit Payment shall be replaced with the Memorandum of Bidding Deposit Payment.

  2. If the successful bidder does not contract within 10 days from the winning bid, the winning bidder shall pay the bid deposit that is equivalent to 5/100 of the winning bid amount.

10. Permission of Bidding Documents

  1. The associator who is attending the bidding must refer to and read thoroughly the bidding resolution [laws associated with bidding (E.g. The laws that are made for contract when the Nation is associated with the contract), this advertisement, special contract conditions etc]. The school shall not be held responsible should the bidder not have read or understood the bidding resolution carefully.

11. Others

  1. For further questions, please contact the Admin Office (+65-6741-0778).

  1. 7. 25.

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