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1. SKIS Profile

  Singapore Korean International School (SKIS) was opened in 1993 and currently has about 400 students attending regular daytime classes from Kindergarten to High School levels.

  SKIS is also the official test institution in Singapore for the Test of Proficiency in Korean (TOPIK) and the organizer of the annual Korean Language Speech Contest for foreigners.

  2. About Korean Language Centre (KLC)

  ◦ Recognised by the Korean Ministry of Education
The Korean Language Centre (KLC) was established in 1999 as an affiliate to the school. It is recognized by the education ministries of both Korea and Singapore.
KLC was the first in Singapore to offer Korean Language lessons to foreigners and overseas Koreans interested in the Korean language and culture.

◦ Curriculum
KLC provides Elementary to Master level classes. All aspects of learning are covered – reading, writing, listening and speaking.
Our course materials are from Yonsei University’s Korean Language Institute, one of the top universities in Korea with an established Korean Language Course.

  For corporate clients, we provide customized learning materials to suit the exact needs of the organisation.

◦ Qualified native educators
Our instructors are native Koreans who are fluent in English and have experience teaching foreigners as well as qualifications certified by the Korean Ministry of Education.

  ◦ Culture Events
KLC does not only offer an academic curriculum, but also provides opportunities for students to experience the Korean culture with our Culture Events that are held twice a year.
Previous events have included making Korean dishes, Samulnori (Korean traditional drum performances), Taekwondo and traditional Korean games.