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제목 Construction Tender Renotice (교사 증축 공사 입찰 재공고)
작성자 skisgo
작성일자 2021-04-12
카테고리 SKIS
Construction Tender Renotice (교사 증축 공사 입찰 재공고)
We are announcing Construction Tender Notice of Singapore Korean International School.                                               
Please refer to the attached file for details.

싱가포르한국국제학교 교사 증축 공사 입찰 공고하오니 자세한 사항은 붙임을 참고하여 주시기 바랍니다.  

* Base Amount 공사 추정(기초)금액 : S$5,657,244(Including GST)




2021. 4. 12.(Mon)

Tender Notice

Tender Deposit/Drawings Access Period:

2021.4.13. (Tue) 9:00~ 2021.4.19.(Mon) 10:00

2021. 4. 13.(Tue) 9:00 ~

2021. 4. 19.(Mon) 11:00

*Submission time: 9am-4pm

Tender Submission

No submission on 17 April (Sat)

and 18 April (Sun)

2021. 4. 19.(Mon) 14:00

Execution of Tender

Will draw 4 tender prices and the estimated price is their average. Refer to Clause 6.3.

2021.4.20.(Tue) ~ 2021.4.21.(Wed)

Tender Evaluation

- Based on Qualification Criteria which are specified in the Tender Notice

- The tender will be awarded to the tenderer who bids a higher price than the tender limit but lesser than the estimated price


Award of Tender


** Tenderers who wish to visit the school have to email us the following beforehand for security purposes:
      1. Company Name
      2. Representative Name
      3. Visit Date and Time
2. 재공고.zip
210412 Tender Documents 입찰서류 제출서식.zip
210412(pdf) Construction Cost Breakdown in Details (without Estimated Price) 자세한 물량내역서 (에상 가격 제외).zip
210412 Tender Notice Reference Documents 입찰설명서 등 (Korean Law for reference only).zip